Established in late 2021, our facility boasts 4 standard and 6 transitional courts dedicated to America’s fastest-growing paddle sport. Our pickleball community is not just one of the largest in the area, but also the most dynamic. We offer a wide array of activities including tournaments, skill-building clinics, and social open play events. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our community provides an engaging, friendly, and competitive environment to develop your skills and enjoy the sport. Join us and be a part of our thriving pickleball family!

Jamie Craft is our Director of Pickleball.


4 Permanent Courts

6 Transitional Courts


Elevate your game with our expertly crafted pickleball lessons! At MTSC, we offer a comprehensive range of pickleball training, tailored to every skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, our dedicated instructors are here to guide you.

Join us for our Group Clinics to learn and play alongside fellow enthusiasts, or opt for Individual Lessons for personalized coaching. Beginners, mark your calendars for our ‘Intro to Pickleball’ every Thursday, while intermediates can amp up their skills in our Tuesday sessions.

Experience the thrill of pickleball and enhance your play with us at MTSC!


MTSC is a Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR) club. DUPR is the skill rating system endorsed by the Pro Pickleball Association (PPA), the Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP), Major League Pickleball (MLP), Pickleball Brackets, Pickleball Tournaments and
  • Go to to check if you already have a profile. If you have played in a tournament, you should already have a profile. Click the “claim account” button if a profile already exists. If not, create a new profile.
  • Once you are logged into DUPR, you can search the club listings for Matthews Tennis and Swim Club or go here: (You must be logged in to DUPR for this link to work).
  • Click “Join” to become a club member. Your request will be approved as soon as possible.

You can read more about DUPR here

For players interested in playing tournaments, an accurate rating system assures that players who enter a specific skill division truly perform at that level, which leads to more competitive and fair games.

In addition to wins and losses, the DUPR system considers how many points you won against an opponent and the type game it was: self-reported recreational play, league match or sanctioned tournament. More weight is given to games reported by a tournament or club director. Games played during MTSC DUPR events will weigh five times more than a self-reported game score, and help players quickly gain reliable ratings.


We’re thrilled to offer a diverse array of themed events for our members. Join us for fun-filled occasions like the Valentine’s Day Round Robin or the Spring Bloom Event, and experience the unique challenge of our Up River/Down River matches. These events are a fantastic opportunity for members to engage in friendly competition, enjoy the social atmosphere, and be part of our lively pickleball community.

League play

Catering to all preferences, we offer Men’s, Women’s, and Coed leagues, along with leagues based on similar skill levels. This new addition provides a fantastic opportunity for members to showcase their talents, engage in friendly competition, and foster a sense of community within the sport. Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself against equally skilled opponents or enjoy a social, competitive environment, our leagues are the perfect platform.

Ball machine

Boost your pickleball skills with the Spinshot pickleball machine. This top-tier training device is a game-changer for players looking to enhance their abilities. The Spinshot offers a wealth of customizable options, including programmable drills and adjustments for height, direction, spin, and speed across 6 sequential shots. With a speed range of 18mph to 68mph, it caters to players of all skill levels. Utilize the Drill Maker app on your mobile device for total control over your training regime, allowing you to save and execute personalized drills. Our machine is equipped with a hybrid design, giving you the flexibility to use it either with a rechargeable battery or plugged in, ensuring continuous play. Embrace this innovative tool to refine your technique and strategy on the court.

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